Monumental Activity Paintings 

This series of paintings began during a six month residency at The Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. 

The works in this series correspond to etchings I was making during this time, titled Monumental Activity, the works depict explosive acts of nature, such as volcanic explosions, undexes (underwater explosions) and the results of man-made interference such as military testing and warfare activity. I wanted to capture and freeze these scenes of incredible force and present them as sculptural objects, suspended in time. The visual similarities that present themselves in these images underline a social surrender to forces beyond our control. 


Thematically the images reveal notions of terrible beauty, grand illusions and a world in flux. It is this moment in flux that I attempt to capture in the processes and materials used in the making of my work. Also at play is the fundamentals of process, as a potential act of uncovering ways of seeing, ways of interpretation and ultimately an attempt at understanding an aesthetic language. What I am particularly concerned with are visual metaphors that can exist within the image. By communicating these in a non-direct/abstract form, the compositions can present a moral issue or even a grand illusion.


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