Traveling Without Moving

This exhibition brings together large and small format paintings in which abstract scenes are loosely formed by the suggestion of foliage and puddles, grids and lozenges or prop-like objects and curtains. The work is divided into two bodies, one created in Dublin and another while on residency in Cyprus. While Mac Athlaoich develops each work instinctively without a preconceived idea of the finished result, there is visual coherence to the overall group of paintings and prints on view, both in their similar palettes as well as in recurring motifs and seamless integration of organic and non-organic forms.

Mac Athlaoich is interested in the painting process as a mobiliser of ideas and action. The various techniques and rudiments that exist in his practice, as a means to an end, can they have more of a significant role? The title of the exhibition suggests this, the act of recalling memories, visual reference points, the mental photograph all become tools in the creative process.

Funded by Fingal County Council